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Hibachi grills can offer an incredibly fun and flavorful cooking experience, perfect for outdoor gatherings or intimate dinners.

The key to finding the perfect hibachi grill is balancing durability, portability, and ease of use. In this article, we will explore various options that tick these boxes.

Whether you’re a seasoned hibachi chef or a complete beginner, we’ve got you covered with the best options available.

Comparison Chart

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Everdure Cast Iron Grill & Cover – Outdoor, Portable Charcoal Grill and Tabletop Cast Iron Skillet – 100% Cast Iron, Enameled, Durable, Small Charcoal Grill, Camping Stove, Hibachi Grill
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Marsh Allen 30052AMZ Kay Home Product’s Cast Iron Hibachi Charcoal Grill, 10 by 18-Inch (Limited Edition)
IronMaster Hibachi Grill Outdoor, Small Portable Charcoal Grill, 100% Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron, Japanese Yakitori Camping Grill – 2 Heights, Air Control, Coal Door + Carrying Case
512pAho1LIL. SL500
Uno Casa Hibachi Grill – Pre-Seasoned Small Charcoal Grill, Hibachi Grill Outdoor, Portable Charcoal Grill for Camping, Outdoors Table Top Grill Charcoal, Japanese Hibachi Grill
51EQL9SmIQL. SL500
Giantex Charcoal Grill Hibachi Grill, Portable Cast Iron Grill with Double-sided Grilling Net, Air Regulating Door, Fire Gate, BBQ Grill Perfect for Outdoor Picnic Camping Patio Backyard Cooking

Best Hibachi Grill Review

Everdure Cast Iron Grill

418UdRvCloL. SL500

If you’re looking for a versatile and portable grill to take with you on all your outdoor adventures or to simply use at home, the Everdure Cast Iron Grill & Cover might be the perfect option for you.

This rugged, 100% cast iron grill is not only durable and long-lasting but also incredibly easy to transport, thanks to its built-in carrying handles. Whether you’re cooking for one or for a crowd, its 20-inch by 9-inch cooking surface provides enough space to grill all your favorite foods, from meat and vegetables to seafood and potatoes.

The heavy-duty cast iron material is not only solid and sturdy but also features a scratch-resistant enamel coating for a high-quality cooking surface. This charcoal-powered grill is designed to retain heat for long cook times and multiple uses, with a built-in vent for temperature-controlled cooking. You can use this grill on any heat-resistant and flat surface, making it ideal for a variety of settings.

One of the best features of the Everdure Cast Iron Grill is its ease of assembly and disassembly. Simply follow the setup instructions to quickly put your grill together and when it’s time to clean up, you can easily take it apart for a thorough scrubbing. Once cleaned, dispose of waste responsibly and store the grill indoors or outdoors using the included weather-resistant nylon grill cover for optimum protection.

This portable cast iron grill is also equipped with adjustable grate heights and a vent-controlled heating system, which allows you to cook your food to absolute perfection. Plus, the two built-in, ergonomically-designed collapsible handles make transport a breeze! Overall, the Everdure Cast Iron Grill & Cover combines durability, versatility, and portability all in one, making it the ideal choice for outdoor cooking enthusiasts.


1. Small and portable, making it perfect for camping, picnics, or small outdoor spaces
2. Made of 100% cast iron for durability and longevity, with proper care
3. Adjustable air intake and heat control for precise cooking
4. Enamel finish for easy cleaning and maintenance
5. Comes with a cover for added protection and storage
6. Can be used as both a charcoal grill and tabletop cast iron skillet
7. Affordable price point compared to similar models


1. Though some customers experienced missing or damaged parts upon arrival, customer service and the brand seem responsive in resolving these issues.
2. The assembly process may be a bit tricky due to wingnut placement.
3. While it may not be a collectible piece like vintage cast iron, it is a reliable and functional option for users who do not prioritize collecting.
4. As it is made from cast iron, be prepared for a slightly heavier product.

Marsh Allen Cast Iron Hibachi Charcoal Grill

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The Marsh Allen 30052AMZ Kay Home Product’s Cast Iron Hibachi Charcoal Grill is a limited edition model that measures 10 by 18 inches, perfect for those who are looking for a compact, yet versatile outdoor cooking option. Made of high-quality cast iron, this hibachi grill is built to last and ensure even heat distribution for perfect grilling results.

This hibachi grill comes with adjustable grates that allow you to control the cooking temperature with ease. The unique design is perfect for cooking a variety of foods like steaks, burgers, hot dogs, or even vegetables. It’s great not only for backyard barbecues but also for camping trips and tailgating parties.

One of the standout features of this grill is its wooden handles, which remain cool to the touch even when the grill is in use. This makes it extremely safe and comfortable to handle when you need to move or adjust it. Additionally, the Marsh Allen hibachi grill has two separate air vents that are adjustable for precise temperature control. This allows you to easily regulate the amount of heat inside the grill, ensuring perfectly cooked food every time.

The Marsh Allen 30052AMZ Kay Home Product’s Cast Iron Hibachi Charcoal Grill is lightweight, at only 15 pounds, making it easy to transport and set up wherever you need it. The grill is also very easy to clean, thanks to its cast iron construction and removable grates.

In summary, the Marsh Allen 30052AMZ Kay Home Product’s Cast Iron Hibachi Charcoal Grill is highly recommended for those who are looking for a durable, portable, and affordable hibachi grill. Whether you frequently host backyard barbecues or enjoy camping trips, this grill is a great addition to your outdoor cooking setup.


1. Perfect for grilling one or two items at a time
2. Efficient and fast cooking process
3. Uses a lot less charcoal compared to regular grills
4. Portable and convenient for small spaces and gatherings
5. Cast iron material offers durability
6. Moveable grates provide great temperature control
7. Ideal for preparing dishes that require high heat, such as Mexican street corn


1. Lighter weight than some users might expect, but still cooks well.
2. Wood handles on cooking grates can become damaged, but can be protected with proper care and the use of a silicone glove.
3. Grill can get very hot, but this can be managed by placing it on a heat-resistant surface.
4. Requires mindful use of coal stack level to preserve handle quality, but offers great temperature control.

IronMaster Hibachi Grill Outdoor

If you’re looking for a portable and reliable grill for your outdoor cooking adventures, the IronMaster Hibachi Grill Outdoor might just be the one for you. Made entirely of high-quality cast iron, this Japanese hibachi-style charcoal grill is not only sturdy but also boasts superior heat retention for perfect grilling results every time.

The grill’s cast iron construction has a finer finish, making cleaning an easier task. It’s seasoned with 100% natural vegetable oil, ensuring a non-coated and chemical-free cooking surface. The pro version comes with a stainless steel anti-scald hook and two green silicone handles for added safety and convenience.

One of the highlights of the IronMaster Hibachi Grill is its portability. The special carrying case allows for easy transport and dry storage, preventing rust. The grill comes pre-installed, so it is ready for immediate use once removed from the carrying case.

Adding coals is a breeze through the easily accessible coal door. The grill also offers two adjustable heights for cooking and the air door can also be adjusted to control the temperature. The package includes a fire bowl, footed base, fire grate, cooking grate, draft door, and fire door.

With its large cooking surface (16.5 inches x 10.2 inches), this grill is ideal for serving five to six people. Whether you’re camping, hosting a backyard barbecue, or cooking on your balcony, the IronMaster Hibachi Grill Outdoor delivers great performance and unparalleled cooking pleasure. Its durable cast iron build ensures that not only will your food taste delicious, but your family can enjoy a safe and worry-free cooking experience as well.


1. Heavy-duty cast iron construction ensures durability
2. Even heat distribution for consistent cooking results
3. Comes with a carrying case, making it highly portable
4. Includes silicone handles for safe handling while grilling
5. Can withstand tough conditions like the beach or camping trips
6. Upgraded version comes with stainless steel anti-scald hooks


1. Smaller size may require longer cooking time for large meals, but it’s perfect for slow-grilling delicious dishes
2. Entire grill gets very hot, so be sure to use the included silicone mitts for safe handling
3. Slightly expensive, but the high-quality cast iron material and portable convenience make it worth the investment

Uno Casa Hibachi Grill

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The Uno Casa Hibachi Grill is a pre-seasoned, small charcoal grill designed for outdoor cooking and camping adventures. It combines elements of classic vintage designs, featuring improved comfort, stability, and better heat control. This Japanese-style hibachi grill is perfect for cooking a wide variety of foods, from burgers and steaks to fish and vegetables.

The Uno Casa Hibachi Grill comes with a water-resistant nylon rain cover, ensuring your outdoor grill remains protected against rust and other weather-related issues. This is a useful accessory for ensuring the longevity of your hibachi grill when it’s not in use.

At an ideal size for both family gatherings and solo meals, the Uno Casa Hibachi Grill offers ample cooking space to cater to different grilling needs. Furthermore, it’s also highly portable, making it a great choice for lake trips or backyard get-togethers at friends’ homes. The durability and compact design of this portable charcoal grill mean it can be taken on the go with ease.

One of the standout features of the Uno Casa Hibachi Grill to mention in a review is its longevity. Made from sturdy cast iron, it’s built to withstand heavy usage and if properly cared for, it can become a family heirloom that everyone can cherish and enjoy through the years.

In conclusion, the Uno Casa Hibachi Grill offers a versatile and durable option for those who enjoy hibachi-style cooking outdoors. Its portability, improved design, and rain cover make it a standout choice when compared to other options on the market.


1. Works well for camping and outdoor cooking
2. Easy to carry and set up
3. Solid construction ensures durability and many years of use
4. Good size for grilling food for 2 or 3 people.
5. Focuses heat well on the food being grilled
6. Great for date nights and small family events
7. Non-stick when seasoned properly
8. Ideal for easy, quick grilling on the porch nights
9. Cooks perfect burgers


1. Some users received damaged or broken pieces.
2. May arrive with missing parts, requiring exchanges.
3. A little on the heavy side (although this can be seen as a sign of quality and durability).
4. Handles might bend under the grill’s weight (however, they can hold heat for a long time).
5. Not large enough for multiple cooking zones (but perfect for small gatherings and meals).

Giantex Charcoal Grill Hibachi Grill

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The Giantex Charcoal Grill Hibachi Grill is a fantastic choice for those who are looking for a portable, compact, and efficient grilling option to enjoy during outdoor picnics, camping trips, and backyard cooking sessions. Designed to provide a brilliant BBQ experience, this grill is made from high-quality, heat-resistant cast iron construction to ensure its durability and longevity.

One of the standout features of this charcoal grill is its double-sided grilling net, which allows you to adjust the grilling height according to your cooking requirements. This, along with the air-regulating door at the bottom, enables you to have precise control over the heat and firepower for different types of food.

With a grilling area measuring 12.5 x 8.5 inches, there’s ample space for grilling a variety of food items, such as vegetables, chicken drumsticks, beef steaks, and kebabs. The charcoal net can also accommodate a generous amount of charcoal for consistent heat, making it perfect for family get-togethers and friend gatherings.

Easy to assemble, this compact charcoal grill measures 15.5 x 10.5 x 7 inches, making it easy to transport and store. The detachable grilling net and charcoal net make it even more convenient as they can be easily removed for cleaning.

With a sturdy cast iron construction, easy-to-adjust firepower, and a large grilling area, the Giantex Charcoal Grill Hibachi Grill is a great investment for anyone who loves outdoor cooking and wants to enjoy the delicious smoky flavor of charcoal-grilled food.


1. Offers charcoal flavor for grilling steaks and burgers
2. Portable and versatile, perfect for outdoor activities
3. Durable and sturdy cast iron construction
4. Double-sided grilling net for versatile cooking
5. Air-regulating door for better temperature control
6. Can be used to complement larger propane grills


1. Requires a significant amount of charcoal for optimal use.
2. Top grill may have issues fitting due to production flaws.
3. No lid included for protection from the elements (although can be stored in a patio box).
4. May be considered pricey for its size, but offers a convenient and portable grilling option.
5. Small cooking area, but adequate for one or two people and easy to transport.


Finding the best hibachi grill for your needs can be a fun and rewarding experience. Whether you prioritize portability, cooking space, or durability, there is a grill out there perfect for you.

The Everdure, Marsh Allen, IronMaster, Uno Casa, and Giantex models each offer their unique benefits and drawbacks, so make sure to consider those before making your final decision.

Remember that a great hibachi grill can serve as more than just a cooking tool; it can also be a centerpiece for family gatherings and outdoor adventures. Happy grilling!

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