Patches Of My Life
Kenneth D. Fly


This is a collection of stories about my life on the farm in the South.
I wrote these stories in my own words, complete with grammar and spelling errors the computer couldn’t figure out how to fix.

     If you are interested in knowing what it was like to have a life-changing experience at a young age and grow up on a farm in the late forties, fifties, and sixties, welcome aboard.  Although our lifestyle and the means to change it were pretty much fixed, at the time, it was in many ways the same as several other families in the area.  We enjoyed a very happy life without much complaining.  The struggles were an effort to live happily, make the best of what we had, and try to make the future better.

     All of the stories are based on my memories as a boy.  These stories are true to the best of my memory and took place between  the years of 1941 and 1965.  My motivation for this effort was based on the idea that if I didn’t write these stories, my children and grandchildren would never know about some of the events that took place during the time of my early years on this earth.

     I also needed to point out to the youth that any and all education that can be obtained is a good thing, but higher education is not absolutely necessary to be successful in this great country.  Basic education, common sense, and dedication to a goal will get you.where you want to be in most cases.

I Hope You Enjoy Reading The Book As Much As I Enjoyed Writing It!
                                                                                                          Ken Fly


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