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Sadie the Christmas Witch
The Words To The Song

Sadie the Christmas Witch, It's eve when she comes by
Riding on her Christmas tree, lighting up the sky
She holds out her magic wand, watch the star dust rise
She's Sadie the Christmas Witch, lighting up the sky
She's not like Cindrella's witch or Dorothy's from the west
She has a plan of action, far better than the rest
She darts around on Christmas Eve, her lights are shining bright
Following the jolly man, her trip will last all night
If you have told old Santa of your Christmas wish last year
Then on Christmas morning, you held back a tear
Because he did not bring it, and drop it from aloft
I realy think he did, and old Sadie hauled it off
Why did she do it, take away your gift
She did it to help some one, who needed a Christmas lift
She gave it to another one, just doing something good
You see Sadie the Christmas Witch is a Christmas Robin Hood

by Ken Fly
Lynchburg, Tn.

The Sadie Coloring Book

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