Jim Wood, Danny Carwild
& Wives
Samantha Sitting In The
"Special Booth"
The Overalls
Samantha & Hank Sasaki
"The Cowboy From Japan"
The Radio Show
Ken & Grandson, Alex
The Radio Show
Syracuse H.O.G bikers,
Syracuse Ny.

Members of the Syracuse Harley Owners Group

Thanks for the outstanding hospitality when our group had lunch at the Caboose last Saturday. It was one of the highlights of the trip. Just got home and played your CD. I love it.
Jim "Lobo" DeMayo and Judy Metrick.
Judy is a full-blooded Mohawk Indian.

People At The Café Welcoming A Celebrity               
Colonel Richard George & Colonel Ken Fly

Daniela La Porte
A Very Happy Guest From Columbia, South America

Ken Fly & The BBQ Gals
Maddy, Page, Cayla & Shelby
Your Friendly Waitresses At The BBQ Caboose Café