Jonathan Fly & Cody Kilby
A little later in life, Cody became Guitar Picker for Ricky Scaggs and Banjo Picker for The Dixie Chicks
Jonathan Fly & Kenny Baker

Jonathan Fly "Fly On The Fiddle"
With Mike Snyder On The Grand Ole Orpy

Jonathan Fly & Ricky Skaggs
Jonathan Fly & Jack Greene
Jack is a 'Long Time'
Grand Ole Opry Star
Jonathan Fly & Tim Graves
Tim is the lead for "Cherokee"

Jonathan Fly & Josh Graves
Josh Is One Of The Top DoBro Players
In The World

Jonathan Fly & Sam Bush
Sam is a Top Mandolin Player
Jonathan Fly & Charlie McCoy
Ai, A Country Artist From Germany Performing At The Café
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Shane Adkins Doing A Friday Night Show At The Café.